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Our Ethos

We do design

Design is what motivates us, we love doing it and we think we're good at it. For us design isn't simply about prettifying things - it's about communication. And after all, communication is what your business needs if it’s to be successful in these competitive times.

Design can give information about your business a character in the same way clothes and hairstyles do for people. But for us it's not just about fashion, it's more to do with clarity and credibility, and creating a unique identity that's special to you. Design is a very powerful tool, and can reflect and emphasise what your business is all about. But it can also lie and mislead too. For us credible, truthful design is paramount and we never knowingly use it to mislead.

We believe it's essential that the visual identity and branding of your organisation reflects the attention to detail and professional nature of the services or products you provide. We are committed to match that professionalism, and produce quality design and creative solutions that you will be proud of, and be confident that your target audience will respond positively. Whether you're an individual, charity, small or large business, we can help you make a lasting impression and ensure every aspect your communications are clear, concise, and consistent.

We do service

Being good at design is part of our remit, the other is providing a responsive and robust service - and we're good at that too.

You need to know that we're here when you need us and that we'll respond quickly and efficiently to your requests. We pride ourselves on responsiveness, attention to detail and reliability. We're very busy and most of the time we're 'spinning plates', with several jobs on the go at the same time, but we're always prepared to pause what we're doing to respond to an urgent request.

We don't see ourselves as remote operatives, we're part of your team. We're responsive, and we're pro-active. Because we have our client's interests at heart, we're keen to offer advantageous ideas, solutions that work and recommendations you can count on. Very often such advice is free of charge because after all your interests are our's too.

We've never had a dissatisfied customer and several of our accounts date back to when we started in the 1990s.

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Logo Portfolio

  • Devon Water Sports logo
  • 8 Recruitment logo
  • Axiom Heating Services logo
  • Velocis logo
  • Scandinavian Golf Enterprise
  • Emergency Services Support logo
  • Climax Windows logo
  • Pellet Line logo
  • Knowle Nets logo
  • Blackwell Strategic Research logo
  • Lewis Foster Lewis logo
  • Culpin Plants logo
  • Illumin Lighting logo
  • Putney Clinic logo
  • Ginger Beer logo
  • VU logo
  • Yoga Mama logo
  • Sporting Heath Group logo
  • DAS logo
  • Jarrah logo
  • Barnes Pilates Studio logo
  • Susie Cole logo
  • Rum Cake Factory logo
  • Zing logo designed by Debbie Hunt
  • Marshfield Farm logo designed by Ian Dicks
  • Hilary Highet logo designed by Ian Dicks
  • Mumbo logo designed by Ian Dicks
  • International Festival of Cultural Diversity logo designed by Ian Dicks
  • BBC Personnel Directorate: A Guide to the Visual Identity logo designed by Ian Dicks
  • PGR logo designed by Margaret Chamberlain
  • Feather Fund logo designed by Ros Pritchard
  • Sugar Mouse logo designed by Ros Pritchard


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Web Portfolio

  • Adrian Gray, stone balancing artist
  • Christine Allison, artist
  • Devon Water Sports: Top quality water sports products at great prices
  • Lower Park Farmhouse: A Luxury Self-Catering Holiday Farmhouse near Lyme Regis, Dorset
  • WOOF! Wood Fuel
  • Sporting Health Group
  • School Plays and Pantos
  • Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre
  • Charmouth Village
  • Playstage Senior
  • Stonebarrow Manor


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Please give us a description of your business/organisation. If your organisation is non-profit making or a charity please give details as we have special rates for organisations for which we have a particular empathy e.g.. environmental and human rights.


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About Us

Tim Heap

Tim HeapTim started Logomotion in 1997. Coming from an artistic family he remembers sketching logos as a child. He trained as a graphic designer/illustrator in Brighton in the late 1970s before design became dominated by the computer revolution. Part of him still misses the original processes and he always sketches ideas on paper before implementing them on the computer. His desk is usually cluttered with logo and website ideas. With the help of a friend he taught himself to use computer design programs, initially designing logos and then designing the first Logomotion website to advertise his logo designs. Gradually his web and print design skills became as much in demand as his logotypes.

Debbie Hunt

Debbie HuntDebbie graduated from Falmouth School of Art in 1992 and, with a Degree in hand, left for the bright lights of London where she worked in a design agency for 7 years. Having finally had enough of the daily Northern Line commute she sought fresh air and countryside and relocated to Bristol where she worked for 2 agencies during her 4 years there. In 2003 she left her job at the agency to learn to be a mother… however she soon missed the creative world of design and desperately needed to use her brain again so began to work on a freelance basis from home. In 2004 she moved back to her beautiful home town of Lyme Regis, on the Dorset coast where she continues to design by the sea!

Sid Gibson

Sid GibsonSidney Gibson FCSD is a design consultant advising on corporate identity, advertising and related promotional activities. He has spent over 35 years in the advertising industry, including 10 as MD of a city agency, and 11 starting and running his own agency. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers and has wide experience also working on the 'client side' of advertising and marketing.

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As the author of the book 'Does My Firm Look Big In This?' he acknowledges the dilemma faced by many owners and managers of smaller businesses and organisations who may feel sceptical about design and have to restrict time spent on promotional matters. But he maintains that with proper planning and support the benefits of design are attainable for everyone and proven techniques can easily be applied by both small and larger companies alike.

As a seasoned professional, Sid has the experience of knowing how things work in the design and advertising world. He cuts through jargon and superficiality to great effect and will always offer solid, practical observations and creative solutions on how to build and promote an organisation that gets noticed.

Ian Dicks

Ian DicksIan is an illustrator, cartoonist and logo designer. He originally worked as an art director for several major advertising agencies. He then left to pursue a highly successful career in illustration.

Over the past thirty years he has worked for most major publications and currently contributes weekly cartoons for both the Mail on Sunday and the Financial Times. His forte is producing visual solutions to complex ideas which makes his work particularly suited to livening up annual reports etc.

Margaret Chamberlain

Margaret ChamberlainMargaret is an experienced and popular children's book illustrator, who studied at the Royal College of Art in London where Quentin Blake was her tutor.

To date, she has well over a hundred titles to her name and has worked with some of the finest children's authors such as Leon Garfield, Kaye Umansky, Margaret Mahy and Jeanne Willis. She has also worked on character development such as the successful Rocks Cordials range and greetings cards.

Ros Pritchard

Margaret ChamberlainWhilst working freelance as a calligrapher and lettering designer for print, packaging etc., anything from book covers to baby food, Ros has also produced documents as props for the film and television industry. For instance in "East Enders" an old letter reveals the birth of an illegitimate daughter in 1933. Working from a script she designed a handwriting style to suit the period and the character, used the correct type and size of writing paper, envelope, address, stamp and postmark for the period, and generated several hand-written but exact duplicates of all 3 pages of the letter and its envelope, torn open in precisely the same way, to allow for multiple 'takes'; anything out of place shows in the filming.

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Sometimes actors will be filmed writing, maybe halfway through a page in a notebook. Actors act, they don't write, so Ros has sometimes written up many pages into a notebook having learned to write fluently in a specific actor's hand, because turned pages behave differently once written on, and so that when an actor continues writing in the action of the film it is convincing. For "The End of the Affair" directed by Neil Jordan in 1999, Ros learned to write in both Julianne Moore's and Rafe Feinnes' hands, because the plot turned on the diary of the heroine, and the male lead, a writer, kept notebooks. Scattered all over the poet's attic set for Lancome's "Poeme" commercial, directed by Anthony Minghella, were notes, memo's and shopping lists 'in the hand of' Juliette Binoche. In the filming she added notes to a musical manuscript, also designed by her; many copies were needed, for nearly 200 'takes'. Ros has taught various actors to write with quills, amongst them again Rafe Feinnes (both thoughtful and interested) and Liv Tyler in "Onegin" directed by Martha Feinnes in 1999, and Keira Knightley (who was very quick to learn) and James McFaddyen for 2005's "Pride and Prejudice".

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